Product Introduction

Product Introduction Oral Care

Grapefruit Oral Tablet (Teteo)


Applicable Age:
1.5 years old or above

    • Provides healthy oral care for baby and pre-mama who can't brush teeth during pregnancy.
    • Contains ingredients effective to prevent bacteria from adhering to teeth.

 Flavors: Strawberry Milkshake (115190), Chocolate Milkshake (115191), Strawberry (115766), Grapefruit (115767), Orange (115768), Apple (115769), Muskmelon (115770), Banana (115772), Pineapple (115773)


    • Xylitol a natural ingredient that supports increased production of saliva and neutralizes the acidity in baby's mouth.
    • Eggyolk Powder (Ovopron DC) prevents adhesion of Mutans bacteria (tooth decay causing bacteria) to the teeth surfaces.
    • Sugar Free.

How to eat:
After children's meal, snack or brushing teeth, mothers can give tablet as a reward. Children can eat as much as 3 tablets per day.